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Advanced   Features

KhalifaSat includes a number of unique space innovations devised by engineers on the satellite team.

Innovations such as these represent completely new territory for UAE engineering, and will help to cement KhalifaSat’s place in history as the most advanced UAE-owned and manufactured satellite.

Faster download
& communication

The team has developed techniques that enable faster download and communication speeds with the satellite from its position anywhere over the world.

Advanced target
positioning system

This makes the satellite the most advanced in its weight class in terms of the highest quality of image, captured with pinpoint accuracy and super quick speed response.

digital camera

Engineers incorporated an advanced light meter for better resolution.

positioning system

Developments have also been made on satellite positioning techniques, which will allow the capture of a large number of 3D images.

Automatic satellite
control system

This has been developed by upgrading the primary satellite computer operating system, and increasing its storage capacity.