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The Team

Working together for the advancement of the UAE

Meet the team in charge of overseeing each component of KhalifaSat, collaborating and encouraging innovation and creativity within their working teams to ensure that the ambitious project is a success and represents the biggest achievement for MBRSC so far.

Message from the Director General

His Excellency Yousuf Al Shaibani

His Excellency Yousuf Al Shaibani, Director General of MBRSC, oversees all the Centre’s projects and initiatives including KhalifaSat. H.E. is involved in all phases of the project and updated regularly from the team on the progress, to ensure that the direction remains steady and achieve MBRSC’s strategy and objectives. As an inspiring leader, His Excellency supports and encourages the UAE engineers and experts who working on KhalifaSat, one of the most technically advanced projects in the UAE.

Salem Al Marri

Assistant Director General, MBRSC

Salem Al Marri is the Assistant Director General for Scientific and Technology Affairs at MBRSC. Salem oversees everything related to the core scientific business of the centre; this includes the manufacture of the Hope Probe and KhalifaSat, the ongoing operations of DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2, and all other technical projects and new initiatives that MBRSC embarks upon.

Amer Mohammad Al Sayegh

Project Manager

As the Project Manager, Amer takes responsibility every detail and every deadline of the project. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of each component and working team of the satellite is crucial to the success of KhalifaSat. Amer is also a key member of the software team, so his responsibilities extend further than that of a Project Manager. The progress, innovation and developments on KhalifaSat act as a testament to Amer’s ability to perform both roles at the highest level.

Abdalla Harmoul

Head of Launch Activities

Abdalla plays one of the most crucial roles in the KhalifaSat mission, as he takes charge of the opt-mechanical system on the satellite. This system comprises the camera, and because the one single payload is the camera and the whole purpose of the mission is related to the images the camera produces, his responsibility is huge. He simultaneously manages the development of the mechanical subsystem on the satellite – another multi-faceted manager within the KhalifaSat team.

Asmaa Ahli

Officer, Logistics Team

Engineer Asmaa Ahli is a member of the KhalifaSat Logistics Team. As one of the vital members of the team, she ensures the safety and security of the satellite as it travels to international laboratories around the world. Among other tasks, her team is involved in transferring and shipping KhalifaSat to the launch site, while ensuring that the satellite is safe right up until the launch.

Zakareyya Husain Al Shamsi

Head of Spacecraft Software

As the team leader of the software team, Zakareyya often finds himself having to give orders to his direct superior, Project Manager (and key member of the software team) Amer Al Sayegh. Nevertheless, Zakareyya’s priority is always the project schedule and he is happy to motivate everyone – whether Project Manager or not – to hit the milestones set forth. As software is considered to be the actual implementation of the human mind in the satellite, it plays the critical role of taking most of the satellite’s decisions.

Mohammed Al Sahool

Head of Spacecraft Mechanical and Thermal

The mechanical subsystem work is extremely important, as the mechanical structure is the part of the staellite that must protect the payload and electronics from the harsh space environment. Mohammed designs, manufactures, assembles and tests the mechanical structure of the satellite, ensuring its strength, resilience and stiffness.

Mohammed Naji Al Hai

Head of Integration and Testing

Dealing with very sensitive RF parts and equipment, Mohammed is responsible for developing the new image download module. His work doesn’t stop at very accurate design, but goes further to very accurate manufacturing and assembly of parts, and thorough testing. At the end of the day, there is no point in having images only saved in the satellite in space, successful downloading is another critical process.

Ahmed Salem Belal

Head of System Engineering

The Bus Electronics Systems are critical to the entire project, as these are responsible for ensuring timely and accurate development of the Data Handling and Power subsystems. Ahmed oversees the design of the internal communications systems in the satellite, as well as developing the satellite’s onboard computer.

Ibrahim Al Midfa

Media & Outreach/Senior Software Engineer

Ibrahim brings a culture of technology and science to the media and outreach team. He gives direction on technical aspects and topics to be shared with the public, along with selecting key informative technologies to spread awareness about space and Earth Observation satellites.

Mohammad Al Ali

Senior Satellite Operation Engineer

As a senior satellite operation engineer, Mohammad is involved heavily in defining the Mission Control System requirements and characteristics. He participates in designing the MCS to be a robust and smart system, which takes into account several features to support the operators. After launch, Mohammad will be leading the satellite operation team taking care of the satellite while in space by managing all the data sent to/from it and making sure it performs successfully.

Ammar Saif Al Muhairi


Ammar leads the development of the Image Receiving and Processing system, which manages all the image data received. He works specifically in making sure the system is automated and provides advanced value added solutions to the users.

Saeed Abbas Alemadi

Officer, Media and Government Communication

Saeed works on a daily basis to cover all the events and activities of KhalifaSat. He is experienced in preparing media news, media materials (pictures and videos) along with strong media content to ensure the key messages behind the mission are well delivered to all stakeholders and the public.